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Maxiban G 160

Maxiban is a potentiated chemical combining the strength of an ionophore and a chemical to prevent coccidiosis through the bird’s life. This powerful conbination fights coccidia in two ways:

  • A synergistic mode of action from the 1:1 mixture of narasin (ionophore) and nicarbazin (chemical)
  • Coccidiosis prevention helps protect birds from enteritis and proliferation of the secondary pathogen Clostridium perfringens.1,2

Each component of Maxiban is active during different stages of the coccidia life cycle.3 This two-stage mechanism produces a greater response than single-agent medications.

Low doses of narasin and nicarbazin also endure less resistance risk than high-dose, single agent medications.3 And because the low dose doesn’t eliminate all coccidia, birds develop natural immunity to the few surviving organisms.

Preventing coccidiosis to help improve performance and help protect intestinal integrity

Preventing coccidiosis helps protect intestinal integrity. The bird’s body can direct nutrients toward growth rather than fighting diseases. This helps power birds through the critical stages when they face the greatest coccidiosis challenge.

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